About Us

Family + Fun + Philanthropy

What is Let It Shine Apparel?

  • We are a family owned company, 3 (sometimes 4) generations working together. Our mission is to spread joy and positive energy to others while giving back to charities and communities in need.

  • Every item we create is inspired by something personal to us and in turn, we pair each item that we sell with a chosen charity, group or person and will donate a portion of profits from every sale.

Who is Let It Shine Apparel?

Grammy- She/Her

Our Muse

Ron- He/Him

Sales, Delivery & Design Inspiration

  • Ron started running at the age of 59. Since then he has completed 67 races including fun runs, 5ks, 10ks, half & full marathons and duathlons.
  • In the 90s Ron used to record episodes of Bob Ross so he could later pause it while he painted along. Last year he created his store Retirement Fund Art in hopes to sell enough paintings to someday retire. Check out his Etsy shop and show him some love on Instagram & FB.
  • Ron has always been a trendsetter. It only took fashion 30 years to catch on to Ron’s favorite accessory, the fanny pack.

Debbie- She/Her

Accounting, Shipping & Heart

  • Debbie saw the Beatles play live at White Sox Park in 1965. Her favorite Beatle is John.
  • She’s very humble, so we’ll say this for her-Debbie is a crochet queen.
  • Debbie can, and will, make a delicious casserole out of anything.

Jennifer- She/Her

Marketing, Website Design & Social Media

  • Jennifer’s love of baking is inspired by her maternal Grandma.
  • A hardcore coffee lover, Jennifer has a large collection of mugs, and a mug for every mood.
  • She once taught one of her cats to tell the difference between her right and left paws.

Eragon- They/Them

Graphic Design, Sales & Videographer

  • Eragon is a multi-talented artist.
  • They plan on becoming an author and will be studying some form of writing, possibly creative writing, in college.
  • They enjoy cosplaying characters from TV shows, cartoons, anime, books, and movies.